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The IT-System of German Armed Forces in Operation

November 9th and 10th, 2010 at Bonn Bad-Godesberg town hall

CPA Systems GmbH (CPA) and Rheinmetall Defense Electronics GmbH (RDE) introduced themselves on this two-day event with current developments concerning database simulation. The strategy follows the trend quite clearly to carry on with the integration of the standardized administration and processing basic geodata (CityGML, Setris) into the prospective features of command systems.

The both exhibitors showed the ability to bundle a big number of different and heterogeneous structured information to aggregate them subsequently and to compile them visually for the actual decision process.

Based on this fact the transparency of data and methods on their way from the Geo data basis in direction to highly specialized systems (Simulation and Managing Information Systems) were presented in a live act.

Beside the SupportGIS-database technology the simulation system VEROSIM® from the institute Human-Machine Interaction of RWTH Aachen and special dynamic 3D viewer components from RDE have been used for the presentation.