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Company Profile

Originally Founded in 1993, CPA Systems GmbH is a producer of software with its head in Sankt Augustin, Germany. CPA Systems GmbH is operating in the field of GIS-technology. CPA Systems GmbH's principle areas of activity are:

  • OpenGIS- und ISO-compliant database and client solutions for geospatial data.
  • 3D-city models and 3D-landscape models based on generic geospatial data as an application for intranet and internet (CityGML).
  • Security techniques for business critical data and geospatial data in intranet and internet.
  • Database solutions for consistent processing of military geospatial data.
  • Software solutions for real estate cadastre in Germany. Management of graphical and alphanumeric information on the proof of property ownership.

It's part of CPA Systems GmbH's strategy to produce highly innovative solutions and thus be in the technological vanguard of the geoinformation business.

CPA Systems GmbH has implemented a core-technology for ISO-compliant data management named Speed4Data®. Our GIS-software product SupportGIS uses this basic technology. CPA Systems GmbH uses SupportGIS in combination with its know-how effectively for customized solutions.

Speed4Data® is a basic technology that lets CPA Systems GmbH stand out far from its potential competitors. More than a hundred customers use this technology successfully for their everyday work. Among these customers are companies, big cities, regional authorities and the federal armed forces of Germany.

A special characteristic of Speed4Data®-technology is a maximum of performance in client-side analysis and presentation of standardized geospatial data.